Booking in advance is one of the ways of cutting down on the costs of traveling using trains. There are quite several advance tickets that are released before the travel day and are not present during the traveling day. Advance tickets are in most case single or one-way tickets; thus if there are no advance tickets available for a single direction, they can be combined with super off-peak, off-peak and anytime tickets to complete one's journey. Combining the advance tickers with the more flexible tickets is an excellent method of saving cash. You can opt to do this if you are sure of traveling on a particular service in one direction but would like the flexibility to another.   Here is  How to find cheaper train tickets.

For you to grab a good bargain, try looking for different times in a day, or try different dates. Having the needed flexibility on when you want to travel means that you will have time to look for the cheapest advance tickets that meet your needs. If you find out that there are no advance tickets available for that day or the times you have chosen, try adjusting the search to a later or earlier date in the day, or for one day before or after the selected date.   View here for more info on  Very cheap rail tickets.

Another method of being flexible and making significant savings is by booking off-peak or super off-peak instead of the fully flexible anytime tickets. You should keep off traveling at peak periods of the day. If you travel after these times, you can land a good deal; it may, however, mean that you will arrive an hour earlier or later than when traveling on peak services. 

Specific journeys have high competition between the operators; this means there are instances when the train tickets will be cheaper on differing routes, or when the board services will be less extensive. 

You should also avoid traveling on Sundays and Fridays. These days usually attract high prices with the weekend travelers pushing up prices. You can also make huge savings on rail travel using rail cards; however, these cards are only given to the individuals who meet specific criteria. 

You can also check out specific travel sites online that charge less for their train tickets. You can check the train firms that will be traveling by choosing the info button. In case several train companies are operating on the journey you prefer, you can select the service that best suits you. At times, the slower routes will be less costly, and if you are flexible, you can choose them to save cash.  Read more here :
How to Find Cheaper Train Tickets